Sunday Services Break

the Pool will be taking a break from our regular Sunday services for the next few weeks starting November 20, 2016.  This means we will NOT be at the Wedgewood Hall/Curl Moncton building on Sundays during this time.

This is time for us to reset, refocus and restart the Pool in a completely new direction in the new year.  Our Sundays will be a little different in the new year when we will introduce some new changes to our services unlike what we’ve done before.  We’re really quite excited about our new format and even more excited to see what God is going to do with the Pool as we make more room for Him.

We will continue to meet in various ways during this time including our regular small group gatherings mid-week as a way to continue to stay “connected”.  We will also be celebrating advent in homes this year as part of this break time from our normal Sunday services.
Email us at info @ if you’d like information on how to get connected with the different groups and events happening during our break.

We will be returning to meet at our same location again in the new year starting Sunday January 8, 2017 at 10am.  This will be a special prayer service where we’ll pray for our new year and new Pool direction.  Hope you can join us then!