Welcome to the Pool!

“Thirst—more than just needing a glass of water, for many it’s a way of life. So many from our generation have tired of simply existing week-to-week—maybe you’re one of them.”

The Pool is a church made up of people from different backgrounds and at different places in their life and in their faith. We are families, single people, children and grandparents. While a lot of us share interests with each other, the main thing that binds us together is our desire to seek God and learn what it means to live out that relationship. Individually, we all came to The Pool through different paths, but we’ve stayed in this community united behind our vision:

Preparing for the harvest by sharing Jesus with others through loving, learning, praying and healing.

Living out that vision comes in different forms as we go through different seasons as individuals and as a church, but there are some key things that remain consistent – the desire to connect with God, to experience authentic community and to create a space that welcomes questions and different perspectives.

Please explore this site and our Facebook page to learn more about us, who we are, and what we believe. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us


A church for the thirsty.