We have a weekly service that takes place Sundays at 10am that lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.  It is a very casual atmosphere (people dress down, there’s coffee and tea) and there are no “rules”.  So, if you aren’t used to “church” you don’t have to stress out about doing something wrong since there’s nothing to do wrong.

On a typical Sunday morning you will walk in and have a seat and wait for the service to start.  We start with time of worship together followed by a brief welcome/announcement time.  We then make an announcement for the kids to be dismissed to our childcare program and move on to our teaching time.  Once that’s done we finish our morning.  That’s it, no special routines or practices to follow.

If you’re a people person, say hi to anyone there, we’d love to meet you!  If you’re more the quiet type just looking to observe things, you can come right in to check things out and watch the worship and teaching videos with us.  You won’t stand out or be put on the spot to do anything.

Check out our Facebook page link under Contact Us page for weekly updates of our current teaching series.

See our Location page for direction info to find us.

New for 2017

The Pool is trying something new this year.  We have officially partnered with a church in Canada called the Meeting House to track with their teachings by Bruxy Cavey.  Basically its where we play a video recording of their Sunday teaching sermon by Bruxy for our teaching time on Sundays.  We know, its very different from what you might have expected as “church”.  It’s something very different for us too right now, but we’re really excited to follow the video teaching content we feel is really great stuff.   Check them out including some of their past teaching material at  We hope it sparks some interest and you’ll join us on Sundays as we grow and learn with this teaching material together.

A church for the thirsty.