Sunday Services at the pool are a chance for us to come together to worship, to pray, to connect, and to learn. While we do things a little differently, our format is very similar to a lot of churches.


Worship at The Pool generally happens first thing during our Sunday morning gatherings. Currently we are using video worship provided through The Meeting House. We have a few songs that help us to engage with God and join together in singing. While music is a big component of worship, we understand that there are other ways to engage with God, and we try to make other options available as well. There is space available if you’d like to move or dance, as well as ribbons and shakers if you’d like to use them. We also have paper and pens or colouring pages and crayons available if you’d like to engage through art or writing. Kids are encouraged to participate in worship as well – you’ll often find a few of them dancing or sitting at tables colouring.


During our Sunday morning Teaching Time we generally will be following a video series from The Meeting House. We are part of a growing network of churches all over the world who are using these resources to learn together. While the topics change, the core of the message is always the same – getting to know Jesus so we can be transformed by God and have an impact in our day to day lives. 

Jesus wasn’t interested in creating a new religious system of do’s and don’ts, wrongs and rights, rites and rules. Rather, Jesus’ irreligious message is that we can only find true peace and wholeness when we embrace a love-based relationship with God, others, and even our enemies. – The Meeting House

The videos are just the start though – we aren’t there just to listen and consume, but to interact, discuss and learn from one another. Each of us has our own background, perspective and understanding. After watching the video, we take time to share our thoughts and reactions. These conversations are often continued in Home Church.


Prayer is another vital aspect of how we connect together on Sunday mornings, and happens in various ways – we will usually pray before and after the teaching time, but we don’t limit prayer to only those two opportunities. If someone shares a need, a struggle, or something they want to celebrate, we’ll often take time in the moment to pray, to seek God’s will and to offer our thanks. These times of prayer also often include a time of listening. Prayer is conversation with God, and when we take time to listen He often speaks, giving us the chance to offer wisdom, words of comfort, or pieces from our own stories. During the Sunday service there is often space set aside for prayer that you’re welcome to make use of at any time.

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