Home Church

Home Church is the real heart of community life at The Pool. Home church happens in different ways. Sometimes it’s a shared meal at the church, sometimes in a members home with kids and babies playing together around us. Sometimes it’s an evening get together without the kids. Whatever the location or context, home church is where we get a chance to really dig in and learn from one another. We discuss the teaching from the Sunday service, and are given the opportunity to react, question, share and learn.

These gatherings give us the opportunity to really get to know one another. It’s an opportunity to be honest, to disagree, to listen, to share yourself and to wrestle through things together. This is where we move beyond absorbing a message on a Sunday morning to learning how to incorporate truth into our lives. These groups are a place where it’s ok to ask questions, to share a different perspective and opinion. Through the years, these groups have been the places where friendships are formed, where healing happens, where ideas are shared and perspectives are changed. Through these groups we work out together what it means to seek God and to follow Christ.

A church for the thirsty.