About Us

So what are we like?

Ever noticed when you try to describe a group of people, like your coworkers, your friends, your family, it’s really hard. It’s the same when trying to describe the Pool because we’re all kind of different in our own way.  One of the few things that does run deep in common with us is our desire to want to know Jesus better and build relationships more like Jesus.

As a community, we want to be a place where everyone can feel welcome. We recognize that our identities, our experiences, our struggles and our perspectives are all part of what makes us unique and shape how we go through life. We want to create a space where everyone can feel safe and comfortable sharing their experiences as we learn and grow together.

There are relationships here

As a church, over the years we’ve learned the power and influence of relationships. We’ve experienced ourselves that people are drawn to, encouraged by, committed to, and want to share something they feel a part of. You’ve probably seen this effect in sporting teams, running groups, diet groups, book clubs, etc. When we are doing something with people with a similar goal, it just seems to have that much more impact. From all of this we’ve learned that doing church together in Jesus-like relationships with each other we discover, learn and stick with the path God has for our lives that much more.

Relationships are at the heart of what we do, and that’s reflected in how we do things. We spend a lot of time in conversation, we put a lot of value on sharing our ideas, opinions and experiences. We strive to understand each other – even when we don’t agree. We make time to connect, and sometimes that means changing plans or going off script.

Our imperfect ways

Now we do this all in the most imperfect way. Relationships aren’t standard, life gets unpredictable and we make mistakes. But we’ve come to rely on our heavy investment in relationships to cushion our fall when we mess up with each other sometimes. We strive to practice grace, forgiveness and understanding. We work hard to come alongside each other to heal wounds and bridge gaps or find other ways to move toward unity.

Taste for yourself!

Ever noticed when you try to describe the taste of something you really like, it’s hard really capture the experience? Words are just so limiting, our interpretation of taste is so different! There comes a point when you want to say “just try it yourself”. That’s probably the best way to really tell you about us. You just have to come on out on a Sunday morning … and try it yourself!

More Details

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A church for the thirsty.